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    Bavarian tradition meets in our inn to modern demands.

The Göttler Inn and its hosts:
Josef and Christine Göttler

Josef und Christine Göttler

This is us

As a trained chef, Sepp took over the business from his parents in 2007. As a real host child, he grew up with his economy, and he lives it too. It goes without saying for him to continue the pub tradition with Bavarian cosiness and local ties. His father already set the course for the future viability of the company by becoming the specialist for weddings and celebrations in addition to the cozy dining room – the home of all village clubs and regulars. We are a family business and very grateful for the great support from his parents. Christine is the ideal complement due to her commercial profession and takes care of, among other things, the activities in the background and the 2 children they share.

historical photo Göttler

The inn has existed for a long time

Our inn once belonged to the neighboring farm. We were originally a schnapps distillery. The present economy was created in 1882 through the marriage of one of the daughters. Unfortunately, the first innkeepers died very young. The brother of the first landlady continued the business. And so we have now continuously reached the 5th generation with the name Göttler. In 2008 our hotel expanded.

And what is there to eat right now?

At the moment we offer a changing collection card

    Our vegetable garden provides us with wonderful, seasonal vegetables which we are happy to integrate into our kitchen for you.

    Burger with fries and ketchup

    Our kitchen

    Our kitchen is down-to-earth and traditional. There is something for every taste on the table. We serve typical Bavarian snacks and hearty home-style cooking such as sausage salad, meat loaf with egg and homemade potato salad, currywurst with French fries, milk sausage, schnitzel and Sepp's popular Rumeltshausen burger. But we also serve stuffed peppers. A fresh salad goes without saying.

    Stockschützenbahn Göttler

    We like to give space to tradition

    Tradition also means cozy or sporty get-togethers. Personal exchange with one another, contact with local people, celebrating together and having fun, that's what counts. For a long time we have been offering the local stick shooting club a place to practice.

    Frequently asked Questions

    • Is the inn accessible?

      Our wine bar with adjoining toilets and the garden are easily accessible by wheelchair. The hotel rooms and the rest of the rooms can only be reached by stairs.

    • When is the inn open

      Our restaurant is open every evening. We are closed on Wednesday. For celebrations, please inquire about dates.

    • Are dogs allowed?

      Your loyal companions are very welcome in the guest rooms or the beer garden. For hygienic reasons, pets are unfortunately not allowed in the hotel rooms.

    • Are there vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free dishes?

      You are welcome to inform us in advance about your wishes, intolerances or allergies. We are happy to respond and can plan accordingly for you.

    • Can I park at the inn?

      There is a generous free parking space directly at the house.

    The Göttler innA place to linger, enjoy and feel good all round.

    Just come over some time.

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